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Reading Era

Level & Grade wise reading comprehension for kids

A Few Words About Us

Reading Era is the best way to help students who are struggling at school. We gives them a way to practice their reading comprehension in a comfortable environment and can even teach them that reading on their own can be fun as the kids can choose what they wants to read about.

Reading Era is home to more than 1500+ eBooks on different topics aimed at different levels of reading comprehension. There are books available for beginners, intermediate and advanced readers and new books are always added each month to give readers a variety.

The site helps readers track how long it takes them to read and after the student finishes reading the book, he can then take the quiz.

The quiz offers a way for the student to find out just how well his reading comprehension has gotten. Teachers can then take this point of reference on whether or not they will move the student to a higher level or if they need to start at a lower level so that the student can keep up.

Just about every job requires its employees to be able to read with comprehension. This is why it is important to develop this skill as a young child. Reading Era aims to aid readers who want to practice their reading comprehension.

Each book on the site is sorted according to the following:
  • Grades
  • Levels
  • Lexile score
  • Geographical area

Having the books sorted in this manner allows teachers and students alike to find a book that is suitable for their current level of reading comprehension.

Reading Era is free for access to anyone who wants to improve their reading skills in any given time of day.

How It Works

Choose Article In Reading Room

After creating your account, it is time to choose your reading material. The website has a variety of genres to choose from. This lets the reader find a topic that they have genuine interest in, so that they will be paying more attention to what they are reading, and allowing them to comprehend it even better.

Read Article

Take your time reading the article/short book. Make sure you understand every word and sentence you read. If you are unsure of what a word or sentence means, using a dictionary or asking your teacher can help you improve. Remember: it is better to ask questions, than assume that you understand something when in reality, you don’t.

Take Quiz

Find out just how much you understand the article by taking the quiz that is based on the reading article you just finished reading. Based on these quizzes you will get to know how much improvement you have made over time and use this as a reference on whether or not you can move on to a higher level.

Improve your Reading Comprehension

The team is always looking for ways to improve the website to make it more enjoyable for readers.

And the new books added each month is sure to help the readers find new challenging material to read so they never run out of books to read. The best part is that they can even learn new things from each article/short book as a lot of the material carried on the site can also be used as learning materials for people who want to read about many topics.

So whether you’re a parent, a student, or just someone who wants to improve your reading comprehension, you are always welcome to Reading Era. The only website dedicated to helping people improve their reading comprehension for a better way of life.